Android Modification: Finest Benefits of Rooting Your Android Phone

Are you an Android phone user? If so, you have to understand all the advantages that would bring along with it when you root your device. Rooting  your device means getting access to the code of the software where you can modify it to your liking. Rooting has a lot of benefits such as allowing you to install programs that a manufacturer won’t allow on their units.

Android is an operating system for mobiles which is versatile, open, and customizable, easier compared to some alternatives available in the market. Perhaps, you’re among of those users who don’t take rooting of phones seriously, but the tricky results of this will surely amaze you. This small modification allows you to enjoy these following benefits:

Remove Preinstalled Apps

As you get to recognize rooting dynamics, dealing with pre installed applications will be something you have to try out. Though these apps have become a staple of most modern phones, they’re wasting space and the main cause of draining your device’s batteries.

You need to know that the only way to get rid of them is by rooting your Android device. After, normal operation you can either freeze those apps, then following it up with a complete deletion.

Boost the Speed and Battery Life

There are different ways on how to speed up your Android phone and increase the battery life of your Android devices. For instance, you can manually close apps that you aren’t using. Through rooting, you will get more authority and freedom over your unit. You can install applications like Greenify that can automatically close useless apps for you.

Another app like SetCPU can underclock your phone for better battery life or overclock it for better performance.

Install Special Applications

Some of the best applications available in the market now may not be compatible with your device. However, rooting your Android device gives you to gain access to any app you can find.

Moreover, you can run specialized apps that require root access, which is more powerful and rich in features than other standard apps. These apps immediately deal with the system files, tweaking your device’s operating system more widely than other regular apps can.

Back Up Like a Boss

Backing up applications and settings can be a lifesaver for any android user. On this note, all you need to do is to root your Android device to achieve your entire backup and set it up quickly. On the other hand, you can’t include system applications and their data if your phone is not rooted.

Hence, the whole automation is a fantastic way of achieving first-class performance, while failure to do so will hinder your back up attempts.

Flash Custom ROM

It seems like a typical gain, but it is the best among rooting benefits. The custom version of Android refers to as a custom ROM; it differs on how you use your Android device. Some people create non-stock software to have the latest Android versions.

Custom ROMs will add new and essential features while others can combine strategic and unique elements to your device.

Furthermore, there are some cases where the phone’s operating system is changed entirely. Hence, you should keep an eye on the custom ROM regardless of the sort of phone you have. Also, flashing custom ROM doesn’t need root access instead, the bootloader needs to be unlocked, and this process is wrapped up with the root access.


If you’re fond of tinkering with your gadgets, then rooting your Android device can offer you a whole new world to operate. While the Android operating system has always been customizable, you will have limitations set by the manufacturer of your phone or your network carrier unless you root your device.

Above all, rooting, allows you access all your phone’s settings, of which can’t be done by a non-rooted device. Not to mention, you can visit Deal Wiki and other tech sites if you want to gather more info regarding latest updates and technologies.

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