Android Modification: Finest Benefits of Rooting Your Android Phone

Are you an Android phone user? If so, you have to understand all the advantages that would bring along with it when you root your device. Rooting  your device means getting access to the code of the software where you can modify it to your liking. Rooting has a lot of benefits such as allowing you to install programs that a manufacturer won’t allow on their units.

Android is an operating system for mobiles which is versatile, open, and customizable, easier compared to some alternatives available in the market. Perhaps, you’re among of those users who don’t take rooting of phones seriously, but the tricky results of this will surely amaze you. This small modification allows you to enjoy these following benefits:

Remove Preinstalled Apps

As you get to recognize rooting dynamics, dealing with pre installed applications will be something you have to try out. Though these apps have become a staple of most modern phones, they’re wasting space and the main cause of draining your device’s batteries.

You need to know that the only way to get rid of them is by rooting your Android device. After, normal operation you can either freeze those apps, then following it up with a complete deletion.

Boost the Speed and Battery Life

There are different ways on how to speed up your Android phone and increase the battery life of your Android devices. For instance, you can manually close apps that you aren’t using. Through rooting, you will get more authority and freedom over your unit. You can install applications like Greenify that can automatically close useless apps for you.

Another app like SetCPU can underclock your phone for better battery life or overclock it for better performance.

Install Special Applications

Some of the best applications available in the market now may not be compatible with your device. However, rooting your Android device gives you to gain access to any app you can find.

Moreover, you can run specialized apps that require root access, which is more powerful and rich in features than other standard apps. These apps immediately deal with the system files, tweaking your device’s operating system more widely than other regular apps can.

Back Up Like a Boss

Backing up applications and settings can be a lifesaver for any android user. On this note, all you need to do is to root your Android device to achieve your entire backup and set it up quickly. On the other hand, you can’t include system applications and their data if your phone is not rooted.

Hence, the whole automation is a fantastic way of achieving first-class performance, while failure to do so will hinder your back up attempts.

Flash Custom ROM

It seems like a typical gain, but it is the best among rooting benefits. The custom version of Android refers to as a custom ROM; it differs on how you use your Android device. Some people create non-stock software to have the latest Android versions.

Custom ROMs will add new and essential features while others can combine strategic and unique elements to your device.

Furthermore, there are some cases where the phone’s operating system is changed entirely. Hence, you should keep an eye on the custom ROM regardless of the sort of phone you have. Also, flashing custom ROM doesn’t need root access instead, the bootloader needs to be unlocked, and this process is wrapped up with the root access.


If you’re fond of tinkering with your gadgets, then rooting your Android device can offer you a whole new world to operate. While the Android operating system has always been customizable, you will have limitations set by the manufacturer of your phone or your network carrier unless you root your device.

Above all, rooting, allows you access all your phone’s settings, of which can’t be done by a non-rooted device. Not to mention, you can visit Deal Wiki and other tech sites if you want to gather more info regarding latest updates and technologies.

The future of electric planes

When we talk about transportation, we come across a lot of modes but the most suitable, used, and a time-efficient way to travel is by air. Air travel is an established way of life for billions around the world. It is a result of continuous innovation and research, and today it stands as the safest way to travel. But a continuous push to novelty means planes will also be subjected to further advancements.

The 20th century has seen the birth of aviation. One thing common in all the planes made in a hundred years is their fuel. Each plane needs to burn massive amounts of carbon-based fuel such as kerosene or gasoline. Today, planes not only carry passengers, they are also responsible for carrying freights all across the globe. The bigger the plane, the more fuel it will need to burn and produce energy. With the diminishing resources of our planet, this is not at all healthy.

Soon all the oil wells will dry, leaving all the flight-worthy aircraft grounded. Even if there is some time in completely exhausting our oil resources, there is always a factor of global warming which can never be avoided. For these reasons, the future of aviation is in search of the alternate power source. Can that be electricity? We will discuss it on this blog.

With depleting resources, our world’s focus has shifted significantly from clean and reusable energy. For instance, the automobile industry has invested billions in hybrid technology and electric cars. This technology can evolve from one mechanism to another and people are working on it. There are more electric aircrafts today than they were sometime before. Today, we are witnessing the production of jet-powered planes that make the most of electricity for all the aircraft systems.

The idea behind it is to ominously decrease fuel consumption by increasing overall fuel efficiency. In easy terms, manufacturers are reducing the weight of the airplanes and designing fuselage more aerodynamically to reduce drag. These methods can save a lot of fuel, but ultimately that not going to suffice when oil wells dry.

Book your airline tickets today and find the cheap flight to your destination. Make sure you always compare flights before booking so you can save a lot!

The progress to ecological aircraft requires long-term solutions, which is why it is time to give a considerable thought to the future of electric planes. The never-ending thirst for advancement has led to huge improvements in reliability and performance. It has helped commercial aviation to grow on a scriptural scale.

Today, intercontinental flights take some hours to reach their destination as compared to a lifetime in the past. But in spite of these performance and reliability progressions, airplanes have contributed a lot to the environmental degradation and noise pollution. And while airplanes have long since used electronic logging devices, now cars are also beginning to catch on. With a competition of reaching the destination in the shortest amount of time, the motivation to go green is less obvious. It’s a shame that we have shifted our focus to electric energy after the depletion of our natural oil resources, not for the conservation purpose.

A dream of electric planes and clean skies

Lately, there have been some major developments in the electric aircraft industry. Solar-powered Endurance planes have generated a lot of positive response from the people and manufacturers. Recently, one has completed the first round the world flight. However, we are still a very long way from the first maiden commercial electric-powered jet flight. It is really a challenge to all the aircraft manufacturers, and a race still open to win by manufacturing the first fully electric aircraft.

A fully electric powered aircraft is still a theory, which can only be achieved by working on a hypothesis. But aviation industry can get its inspiration from automobile industry as they first developed a hybrid car before developing a fully electric car. As a matter of fact, German researchers and scientists are currently working on a high-performance hybrid aircraft called the e-Genius. This is just a step towards a fully electric powered jet, but nonetheless a step in the right direction.

Role of mobile apps in converting education to Edutech

Technology has been influencing all sectors today. Mobile devices, particularly, have formed an integral part of our lives. This has also led to affect education more and more. Smartphones and mobile apps have together revolutionised the world and are comprehensively trying to change and alter the conventional education system into a newer version – Edutech!

Though technology, especially mobile apps and smartphones were not built to cater to the needs of the education sector, the results which the integration has brought for the world to witnessed is unmatched!

Classrooms are now adapting gadgets and mobile apps to stimulate faster learning!

Vocabulary, physics, chemistry, literature, everything today is packed in one device. The incredible world of mobile apps has managed to draw the interests of the modern students by facilitating learning in a revolutionised way! Various mobile apps today are engaging students through games, quizes, video content, and much more to gather their interests towards learning. This means revolutionised education is no longer a dream! The power is literally in your hands now!

Approximately 80% students use mobile and other technological devices to study, along with the conventional modes of studying. Of which, majority found that this form of studying, has helped them in improving their skills and their results. The students also claim that because of technology, they feel excited and better prepared for the classes they are supposed to take. This has also led to them managing their time better!

But how did this come about?

Millions of apps today, on both the major platforms – Apple’s app store and Google play store are built to cater to the needs of the modern education sector, or as we call it – Edutech. Students can choose them and change the way they learnt before.

Part of the reason why such a game changer came into being was that students today are usually hyperactive. They want everything and they want it quick! A teacher simply fails to impress a modern student. No lectures, no books and no educators are able to do the same. The impact that they brought almost a decade back seems to have faded away. Hence, the infusion of mobile apps into the educational sector.

Edutech apps however, are developed in a true sense to not just feed to a modern student their lessons, but also create new pathways for them to step on. These mobile apps offer them content which engages them and prepares them for the real world!

The multimodal approach of the edutech mobile apps offer students different means to not just understand the principles easily, but they help them reach their desired results in a fast paced manner. They receive a lesson in their conventional classrooms, they follow the instruction in the mobile apps and their books, practice their lesson and the homework and get immediate feedback for all kinds of queries, right from the comforts of their home. This quickness, especially when it comes to finding solutions to their problems, tends to make them rely on mobile apps more and more.

Another feature which these Edutech mobile apps are popular for is the ability to plan assignments and projects from the comfort of your home. These projects and assignments can be supervised by the teachers on the platform, through real time communication. The power of learning is enhanced this way, no matter what an individual student’s style of studying and preferences are.

Interactive and spontaneous generation!

Edutech Mobile Apps have augmented the mental capacities of a modern student. They have managed to efficiently expose these students to face the world in its entirety, along with all the challenges. The generation has become more and more interactive and spontaneous because of the same. These applications not only guide them, but help them develop analytical skills to enhance communication, critical thinking, decision making and problem solving techniques, and their productivity. This has produced a certain excitement towards learning, along with developing confidence and pride in their skills and capacities. The high quality means of education has surely helped students optimise their time and their skills to create a harmonious world of creativity and skills.

Edutech has something in store for the educators too!

No matter how efficient or great a teacher is, managing 20-30 students every single day is a hefty task. They might lose their focus at any time during a lecture if the pressure is surmounting. It can be a difficult task to ensure each and every student in every lecture/session is engaged and is grasping the concepts and the lessons. This way, there might not be just a loss of efficiency, but could also lead to chaos in the long run.

This is where edutech mobile apps help teachers. Through these mobile apps, students can raise queries outside the classroom as well, which means the teacher can respond efficiently, as compared to a pressurised classroom environment.

Another benefit the teachers get is that they can plan their schedules a day ahead, and enhance their teaching skills by revising their material. They might also be prompted to discuss extra pointers which were not discussed earlier. This helps in the development of a great curriculum, it will also benefit the students. Moreover, teachers can now connect better with students through instant messaging and emails, making the student-teacher relationship better!

Parents benefit too!

Through various mobile apps catering to the needs of the education sectors, parents seem to rejoice too! Edutech has surely brought in changes in the way parents dealt with regular school and college issues, making them happy of course!

They are not only getting real-time updates on their child’s attendance and performance, but also can get to know about their upcoming assignments, projects and tests along with their due dates. Most apps also support interaction between teachers and parents in a free and secure manner. This interaction is no longer limited to the monthly or quarterly PTAs.

Parents can also access the fee structures and keep a record of the same on their devices. This has led to a better management of resources and has saved time.

Edutech apps have contributed to the modern learning process and are helping reshape the education sector further. Most educational institutions today are preferring Edutech Mobile apps to enhance productivity and many mobile app development companies are working on it, but some are yet to tap on the opportunities! It is not only going to open new avenues for the students, but will increase their interests in studies and skill development.

Author Bio: James Grills is a technical writer with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of mobile application development and IoT technology. He is a marketing advisor – currently associated with Cumulations Technologies a mobile app development company in India.


5 Tips to Get On Top Of Google Search Results

All website owners seek to get the maximum traffic they can. And for this, the easiest way is to get on the first page of Google search results. However, this is easier said than done. You will have to essentially compete with other thousands of websites to reach the top. But there are a few things you can do to increase your website’s chances of appearing in the top of the results. And below, we will look at a few such tricks.

Natural Language Search

With the rapid increase in voice search, the need for using natural language in keywords becomes more important. This is because people generally use full sentences when speaking rather than partial sentences when typing. So, instead of typing ‘cheap camera New York’ in the Google search box, a user might ask for ‘cheap camera offers in New York city’ through a voice search.  Such natural language searches will only increase in the coming future. And if you change your SEO tactics accordingly, you will have an easier time making your website reach the top of search results.

Focus Local

Give extra attention to creating a local presence through Google. This can easily be done through your Google My Business page. Just make sure to provide a detailed description of your business, appropriate images, contact number etc. and you are all set. In addition, make sure that your customer does provide positive reviews about your service through their Google accounts. This can show up on Google results pages and will inevitably play a huge role in attracting traffic to your website.

Google News

Try to get your website articles get into Google News. This has two benefits.  Firstly, you will see a massive initial traffic since your website link will be shown to millions of people worldwide who check out Google News. Secondly, since Google is already featuring your website pages in its news section, it is more likely that your website will also be ranked higher in the search engine results.

Understand RankBrain

One of the top three ranking signals that Google uses to rank a website is its machine learning AI called RankBrain. This AI is specifically tasked with handling new queries that Google has not encountered before. It essentially guesses the meaning of newer words and filters the search results accordingly. Make sure that you check in with a good SEO company Gilbert and ask them to adapt your website in a way that it can use the RankBrain AI to its advantage.

URL Structure

Make sure that the URL of your web pages make sense and give an indication as to the content in them. So, if you have published an article on how to kill mosquitoes, then the URL must not look like ‘’. This is a bad URL structure. No one gets any information by looking at the URL. As such, a better URL structure will look something like ‘’. Both Google and the user will love such meaningful URLs. Just remember to use hyphens in between the words.

Using Software and Technology In Distribution

  • December 10, 2017
  • Blog

Many businesses are starting to look into the potential applications of technology and software in the field of distribution. Truthfully, there is an endless amount of possibilities regarding smart tech and AI in the world of online retail.

How can wholesale distributors use technology?

Today’s world is ever-changing and ever-evolving. Technology has truly taken over and made its way into every sector of the economy. Luckily, the field of distribution is set to benefit greatly from the advancements being made.

AI and smart technology are allowing distributors to automate systems, letting them save costs and provide better, faster service to customers.

End-To-End Solutions

Many companies (click here) are offering new end-to-end solutions for distributors. These services include:

  • Assessment/evaluation procedures to determine the readiness for implementation of smart systems
  • A business review process to determine where and how a business can save money
  • Project management assistance to keep every thing on-track
  • Contract Screen Printing for businesses
  • Development services to customize systems to meet any business’ needs
  • Integration assistance to ensure a seamless transition
  • Data migration to make sure all customer and product info is carried over, for a quick and flawless process
  • Training for employees so everyone knows how to use the new systems
  • Support for updates and bugs along the way
  • Service for office chairs and supplies

Why use these solutions?

Everything a business invests in has to have a good reason or purpose behind it. Some of the top reasons why companies are investing in software for distribution services include saving money, speeding up processes, and generally making for a smooth buying and distributing process. And so not everyone is in need of this level of control, take this app for instance developed and shipped in less than a week.

What should you use?

Smart technology is limitless. It’s being used in countless creative fashions and new uses are being put into place every day. When it comes down to what systems a company should consider implementing, it’s such a personal approach that needs to be taken. All technology companies offer a consultation or evaluation service of some time. This is not a sales ploy—it’s a necessary part of the upgrade and implementation process.

During such an evaluation, the tech expert(s) from your chosen company will look at your company’s current infrastructure and talk with you about what you want to change in your business’ distribution system. Hearing your goals will allow them to come up with an action plan that will increase efficiency and save costs in the long-run. Smart system options will likely include a mix of AI and basic automation.

Every business’ wants and needs differ. In addition to determining your ideas for the future, the evaluator will also look at the systems you currently have in place. This will help them during the transition process so that they can migrate all data and processes smoothly into the new system.

The final step is training your employees. They need to be briefed on the new features of the system so that they can put them to the best use. When it’s all said and done, your business will be faster and more efficient than ever.