Semalt: How To Block All Ads Systems For Free?

Browser ads are not only a nuisance visually but pose a significant security risk. There are several moral implications of blocking these ads. By implementing ad blockers on your browser, you cut down on the salaries of those coding, designing, and providing the content that you usually view for free. The very ads you wish to block are the same ones that provide the funding for placing everything else online. Nevertheless, the frequency of these ads ultimately undermines the browsing experience.

Michael Brown, a marketing guru from Semalt, provides here few points to remember:

  • Ad blockers are very legal which means that they have no restrictions. The decision on how to block the ads rests entirely on you. If you do decide to use an Ad Blocker, make sure that it is clean, and will serve you well. However, they have some limitations.
  • Funding for Ad Blockers emanates from a single organization or person. Therefore, one must conduct their research on the company before using their service. You must make sure that it will ethically block all ads for as long you are signed up with them. There are cases where ownership of the Ad Blocking service changes and the new owners receive premiums from some companies to skip their ad addresses.
  • Adding an extension to a browser will undeniably slow the browser down. However, if you have an efficient machine, this should not worry you. Otherwise, you may have to restrict yourself to two or three tabs at the same time.
  • Extensions require constant updates which take up more of your time and resources.
  • Ad Blockers cannot function well without subscriptions. You must select a list of websites that you wish to have blocked and manually add them to the block list.
  • It is not possible to run a system-wide Ad Blocker if you run multiple browsers.

Luckily, there is a better solution which is free of charge with no subscription. It blocks ads for the entire system forever. It does not need a software to install it, meaning it will not slow down your system.

Here’s how:

Install the host files from MVPS. It alters known ad server URLs with a null character. When the computer tries to access the internet, it will return this null character meaning it does not download the ad which will, in turn, save you a lot of time and resources. The following is a process on how to block ads manually using the MVPS method.

  • Confirm you have administrator privileges. Open the “Run” Console by pressing the windows key and R concurrently.
  • Enter “Services.Msc” and locate the “DNS Client” option. Right click on it and scroll down to “Properties” and then choose to “Stop.”
  • From the “Startup type” drop-down menu, choose either “Manual” or “Disabled.” Experts recommend the Manual option.
  • Apply the new settings and restart.
  • Replace the host files in “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc” with the updated ones.
  • If the anti-virus or windows defender attempts to take action against the action, decline.

You now know how to block ads without an ad blocker whenever you are on the internet. Make sure to update the host files regularly and replace them in the specified directory.

Semalt Expert Explains How To Block Darodar In Nginx

  • October 9, 2017
  • Blog

Darodar is a famous referral spammer that clogs up the Google Analytics accounts of both small and large sized websites with malicious and low-quality traffic. Unfortunately, Google Analytics cannot filter it out properly, and your site’s search engine ranking decreases in no time. Some miffed webmasters and bloggers have talked about Darodar activities, providing details about how to block it. Even a few WordPress plugins have been introduced to eliminate the Darodar traffic, but here is an easy and outstanding way of preventing it in nginx.

With this method provided by a top expert of Semalt, Julia Vashneva, you can get a tiny bit of revenge from the spammers.

What should you block?

The first thing is to identify who you want to block. In your Google Analytics account, you can set up new parameters and check the quality of your traffic. You have to make sure that you eliminate the visits with a low session duration and 100% bounce rate. Sadly, botnets like are difficult to deal with as their bots and spiders are present everywhere on the internet.

You need to get the list of sites that are possibly receiving fake traffic. It is not so easy especially when you have a large number of websites. Prepare the list with names of sites receiving referral spam, and decide which ones you should block. The main culprits we have found that you should include in your list are,,,,,,, and You should block all of these websites to protect your Google Analytics reports.

Send them out

You should bear in mind that will never respect your Google Analytics account and don’t obey robots.txt. That is why you should redirect their spiders and bots back to their own website and mess with their Google Analytics account by implementing special codes. Alternatively, you can use URL shortening services ( for redirecting them back through random URLs, confusing their Google Analytics to a great extent.

Honestly speaking, they might not have been originated from the developers and makers of Darodar, but you should redirect their traffic to protect your own website on the internet. Given the unapologetic attitude on Facebook and Twitter, you should not feel bad or guilty. It is possible to set up individual statements for all of the referrers, ensuring your protection in search engine results.

Test everything properly

Last but not the least, you should test everything properly. Since you have messed with the nginx config files, it is good to test whether you have blocked what you wanted to block or not. It is important to not create false matches. Instead, you should focus on blocking Darodar in your Google Analytics account.

Once you have set up the redirects and errors, you should use the Server Status tool for checking the responses of the server for multiple referral strings. If you have any other idea in your mind and want to share with us, do not forget to throw us an email or comment in the box below.

Introduction to starting a company in Singapore

So you’ve gotten around to wanting to register a company eh? Congratulations! It’s a huge step in the right direction, but it’s important to do so correctly, so before you head over to incorporate your business, let’s go over some details that are worth knowing of.

First of all, the type of business or company you want to start depends on a number of factors. Are you the only one starting the enterprise, or do you have partners and co-founders? Do you want to have a formal board of directors or shareholders, or do you wish to be 100% in control of all decisions yourself?

It’s also important to know where the liability should lie. If you register a single person company it’s possible to be indebted privately for the company’s losses. But on the other hand, you can also take profits when you wish and how you wish.

Tax is another important concern. Let’s take Singapore for an example. The way the government has set up tax deduction on companies, is simple. Up to S$100.000 can be exempt during the first 3 years, if you qualify for this package. The government rolled out this scheme to help Singaporeans bootstrap small businesses, and also foreigners have taken kindly to this idea.

So let’s take a look at what’s requires for incorporating a company in Singapore:

  • ACRA is an organization run by the government to help oversee businesses and their incorporation. They require 3 different company name proposals. This is because names have to be approved beforehand.
  • You also need to appoint at least one director. To start a company in Singapore you need to have one of the directors to have been born there, but it is not mandatory that they control a part of the company or shares.
  • You also need a real registered address for your business. This address can often be just a rented office address, or anything more than that.
  • You also need to open a back account in the country, and use that for your businesses interactions.
  • Finally, it is mandatory to choose a company secretary, and if the company is a single person business, the owner cannot also be the secretary.

These are some of the requirements, now let’s take a look at the benefits:

  • Any private limited company in Singapore is their own legal entity, which means that directors and shareholders will not be held personally accountable for any losses, lawsuits or other liabilities incurred by the business itself.
  • Singapore has offered a S$100.000 tax exemption scheme for new businesses for the first 3 years, which means making money is easier than ever.
  • Many companies in the country offer to appoint Singaporean residents to your company, and be there physically when required by law. This means you can open a company as a foreigner, without ever setting foot in the country.

Semalt Expert: How To Design Your Digital Business Effectively

According to research by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte University Press, many businesses are prepared to go online. In this study, about 44% of the persons surveyed (3700 analysts, executives and managers), made it clear that their firms were ready for the disruption of operation following the introduction of new digital ways. However, 56% of respondents did not feel ready for the digital transition and oppose the new ways.

Adopting a digital platform can mean a lot in business. For instance, some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) procedures increase your clientele base. Digitalizing your business can be a good thing for its long-term plan. Whether or not this transition will happen in your business, you need a design or kind of a picture of the long run outcome. Many issues are likely to arise, which is normal when any organization is transforming. As a result, putting clear strategies on dealing with such hitches can be an extra task, which is worth the efforts.

Max Bell, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, explains the aspects of designing successful digital business.

Design Thinking Encourages Collaboration and Innovation

When doing design model, the process involves looking for a solution using a given set of parameters the client wants. The answer is not clear, achieving it can be possible using some principles of making a conceptual collaboration between the parties which are affected by the change. For instance, when doing digital marketing, organizations might need to hire SEO experts as well as teaching their staff on a few digital marketing techniques to fetch clients. In the modern era, the majority customers come from the internet. This phenomenon means that websites are slowly replacing physical stores. And as one Toronto SEO Company puts it, “It’s all about the content.”

Design Thinking

Design thinking involves incorporating all aspects of an organization to work together to make a solution for something. It includes engaging different minds to look at a particular issue regarding future solutions. At one point, the ideas of different perspectives intersect giving the business a vital insight for future operations. For instance, the partnering of MU/DAI and SalesForce in fighting marine piracy.

In this regard, calling in a technology team can be a worthwhile venture. Many aspects of design as well as adapting to a digital platform require some talented and well-informed experts to deal with issues. For instance, teamwork between company executives and SEO teams can lead to the design of a good responsive website, which not only complements, but has a potential of replacing the physical shop. In this setup, design thinking is necessary since the transitioning might involve changing staff, inventory and many other aspects.


Design Thinking is a universal concept, which can help most organizations plan for their future. It enables different persons to bring in different perspectives and solutions. Design thinking can apply for very many businesses, and it is very likely that different individuals take it differently. Design thinking helps your business solve some long-term issues as well as moving from some of the existing difficulties. Changing people is difficult, but can be a worthwhile venture in some cases. Design thinking helps people get a diversified range of creative innovations as well as getting some deeper level of collaboration. Through the tips in this article, it is possible to adopt a proper design thinking process. It can be outstanding in transitioning to digital methods.

New Exciting IoT Mirror Project: Smart Reflection

Over the last five years give or take, there has been a movement on the rise. It has been called many things, but by far the most common term has been Internet of Things. This concept covers all things, devices and even clothing connected to the internet, sending or receiving data.

Many interesting projects have been developed by professionals and amateurs alike, inspiring many crowdfunded projects and many commercial products along the way. On do it yourself forums and websites across the internet we see new projects every week promising to change the way you interact with your dishwasher, or how you control your central heating.

This article will explore an intelligent mirror, that looks like something from out of the future.

The smart mirror has been labelled “Smart Reflection” and is currently in the development stages. So far the images we have received show a bunch of Raspberry Pi 3’s, Samsung Monitors and IKEA mirrors.

Together they will enable the users easy access to the latest news while standing in front of the mirror and putting on the sunday clothes. Functioning just like a regular mirror, but with a screen behind it, it will display data similar to a regular computer monitor at the same time as reflecting the image of whomever stands in front of it.

The developers behind this new project are a Danish and UK based app agency called Nodes, who first got the idea for their own personal use, but saw the potential for a commercial product in the early stages of researching.

Currently Nodes are gathering input from users on the internet submitting their ideas for functionality for the mirror, so if you have a great idea, you can visit the site and add your own idea here.

Some of the intended features includes voice recognition, fingerprint scanning and possibly even some low level machine learning which would know what apps any given user opens most frequently, and act accordingly.

It is even possible to develop an application that will know which user is entering the bathroom, and turn on the personalized welcome screen as the user enters. If that user normally shaves in the morning, the mirror can then show that users favorite news, or play the favorite music of whomever is currently taking a shower.

The software part is what makes this mirror interesting, and being developed by serious app developers makes us believe Smart Reflection could go on to become a huge success, since the people at Nodes know how to make awesome applications.

How is it built?

Built around an IKEA mirror available in most countries, everyone can compete with the low cost on this part. And with Nodes hinting at the idea of making their research and software publicly available, it might also be possible to build your own at some point in time.

Behind the two-way mirror will sit a 32 inch monitor, projecting all the relevant data through the mirror so users can see both their own reflection, as well as the data sent by the computer.

The computer will be a Raspberry Pi 3B, currently the latest model of the popular minicomputer, with the option of either connecting to the network via cable, or Wi-Fi.

This combination will be quite powerful due to the Raspberry Pi 3B, since it offers 1.2ghz of processing power, and 1 gigabyte of ram for memory. Users can buy additional SD-Cards for improved storage capabilities, or just connect to the internet for streaming movies or accessing shared content.

Both the mirror and the computer is quite low on cost compared to typical IoT projects, and by using any old flat screen monitor, most enthusiasts can gain easy entry to the development of their own smart mirror.

Programmable mirror

The mirror will run on a specialized version of Linux, customized by the in-house developers at Nodes for performance and user experience being the primary factors.

Running on Linux will mean that all current mobile applications for sale or download on Google Play will become available to Smart Reflection users, allowing for more than 2 million apps in theory.

However, since this project is still being developed at the software-level, we are not able to promise exact custom apps designed for the mirror in question, and we will have to wait to know specific details of extended functionality outside of traditional apps.

Some of the ideas currently floating revolves around user recognition, either by facial or voice or gesture recognition, to allow the mirror to boot up automatically once a user it knows enters the bathroom. It will then also be able to open that users preferred apps, and play the favorite radio station or music tracks according to the previous listens.

This can be expanded upon to include functionality that will allow the built-in camera to measure heart rates and compare to previous days, thus possibly alerting the user early on that a problem might be arising, or that the user has simply had one cup of coffees too many.

It will also be interesting to find out how exactly the device will be controlled, whether only by voice, or by having a smartphone control inputs – or maybe something else entirely?