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Semalt Expert: How To Design Your Digital Business Effectively

According to research by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte University Press, many businesses are prepared to go online. In this study, about 44% of the persons surveyed (3700 analysts, executives and managers), made it clear that their firms were ready for the disruption of operation following the introduction of new digital ways. However, 56% of respondents did not feel ready for the digital transition and oppose the new ways.

Adopting a digital platform can mean a lot in business. For instance, some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) procedures increase your clientele base. Digitalizing your business can be a good thing for its long-term plan. Whether or not this transition will happen in your business, you need a design or kind of a picture of the long run outcome. Many issues are likely to arise, which is normal when any organization is transforming. As a result, putting clear strategies on dealing with such hitches can be an extra task, which is worth the efforts.

Max Bell, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, explains the aspects of designing successful digital business.

Design Thinking Encourages Collaboration and Innovation

When doing design model, the process involves looking for a solution using a given set of parameters the client wants. The answer is not clear, achieving it can be possible using some principles of making a conceptual collaboration between the parties which are affected by the change. For instance, when doing digital marketing, organizations might need to hire SEO experts as well as teaching their staff on a few digital marketing techniques to fetch clients. In the modern era, the majority customers come from the internet. This phenomenon means that websites are slowly replacing physical stores.

Design Thinking

Design thinking involves incorporating all aspects of an organization to work together to make a solution for something. It includes engaging different minds to look at a particular issue regarding future solutions. At one point, the ideas of different perspectives intersect giving the business a vital insight for future operations. For instance, the partnering of MU/DAI and SalesForce in fighting marine piracy.

In this regard, calling in a technology team can be a worthwhile venture. Many aspects of design as well as adapting to a digital platform require some talented and well-informed experts to deal with issues. For instance, teamwork between company executives and SEO teams can lead to the design of a good responsive website, which not only complements, but has a potential of replacing the physical shop. In this setup, design thinking is necessary since the transitioning might involve changing staff, inventory and many other aspects.


Design Thinking is a universal concept, which can help most organizations plan for their future. It enables different persons to bring in different perspectives and solutions. Design thinking can apply for very many businesses, and it is very likely that different individuals take it differently. Design thinking helps your business solve some long-term issues as well as moving from some of the existing difficulties. Changing people is difficult, but can be a worthwhile venture in some cases. Design thinking helps people get a diversified range of creative innovations as well as getting some deeper level of collaboration. Through the tips in this article, it is possible to adopt a proper design thinking process. It can be outstanding in transitioning to digital methods.

How to deal with bullies with WhatsApp Spy?

  • July 28, 2017
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Cyber bullying is rapidly increasing on instant messengers and WhatsApp is one of those social networking platforms which have become the safe havens for online bullies, pedophilias and even for cyber criminals.  But young kids and teens are most likely using the WhatsApp messenger which is more threatening news than other issues. Because bullies always stay active in order to humiliate the young and innocent teens.

Parents need to realize that, what sort of activities they do on this particular instant messaging application. According to the recent stats, WhatsApp messenger has gone over 1 billion users worldwide, it means young kids and teens also using the messenger.

The user sends 64 billion messages and shares 1.6 billion photos every day on the social messaging app as compared to any other instant messenger such as Facebook, Yahoo, Tinder, Instagram and many others alike.

The growing trend of cyber bullying on WhatsApp is creating insecurities among the parents. Therefore, they are searching for tools which help out them to get access to the messenger calls, messages and chats and photos and videos sharing.

There is only one tool which can give parents access to the social messaging app known as WhatsApp spy app. Parents also need to know that online bullying may cause serious health issues and which are following.


Cyber bullying is an act which is done by the people online with other young and innocent digital user. Bullies usually use abusive language and harass young kids and teens online. Ultimately, the humiliation could be on call, text messages and even on a user particular photo which he/she may be have shared on WhatsApp in a group or to other friends. It is the very obvious thing that no one likes humiliation and disrespect from the people.

When young kids got bullied online, they may suffer from the serious and deep depression for a long time. It could let down the morale of young kids and teens; they may start lacking the confidence. So, parents need to look after kids by using the spy app for WhatsApp.


It is a feeling of unease and kind of fear which is known as anxiety, kids, and teens when bullied online. They got anxiety and always fear to face those facts or circumstances which bullied him/her on the digital world.

Parents have to track the WhatsApp messenger app, it enables them to track voice calls, and messages sent and received and shared photos and videos. Parents can view all WhatsApp logs chat and conversations either it is audio, video or text based.

Psychological disorders:

Young kids and teens who bullied online very badly also got some psychological issues such as fear, don’t want to attend the school and they want to live lonely. These kinds of issues may get long lasted in your child’s life and use WhatsApp monitoring app in order to track the activities they do on WhatsApp such as texting messaging, chat conversation and audio and video calls.


WhatsApp monitoring app would be the best tool for parents to spy on WhatsApp messenger in order to keep an eye on their activities. It is an ultimate tool to protect your kids and teens from cyber bullying.

















Using Software and Technology In Distribution

  • June 26, 2017
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Many businesses are starting to look into the potential applications of technology and software in the field of distribution. Truthfully, there is an endless amount of possibilities regarding smart tech and AI in the world of online retail.

How can wholesale distributors use technology?

Today’s world is ever-changing and ever-evolving. Technology has truly taken over and made its way into every sector of the economy. Luckily, the field of distribution is set to benefit greatly from the advancements being made.

AI and smart technology are allowing distributors to automate systems, letting them save costs and provide better, faster service to customers.

End-To-End Solutions

Many companies (click here) are offering new end-to-end solutions for distributors. These services include:

  • Assessment/evaluation procedures to determine the readiness for implementation of smart systems
  • A business review process to determine where and how a business can save money
  • Project management assistance to keep every thing on-track
  • Development services to customize systems to meet any business’ needs
  • Integration assistance to ensure a seamless transition
  • Data migration to make sure all customer and product info is carried over, for a quick and flawless process
  • Training for employees so everyone knows how to use the new systems
  • Support for updates and bugs along the way

Why use these solutions?

Everything a business invests in has to have a good reason or purpose behind it. Some of the top reasons why companies are investing in software for distribution services include saving money, speeding up processes, and generally making for a smooth buying and distributing process.

What should you use?

Smart technology is limitless. It’s being used in countless creative fashions and new uses are being put into place every day. When it comes down to what systems a company should consider implementing, it’s such a personal approach that needs to be taken. All technology companies offer a consultation or evaluation service of some time. This is not a sales ploy—it’s a necessary part of the upgrade and implementation process.

During such an evaluation, the tech expert(s) from your chosen company will look at your company’s current infrastructure and talk with you about what you want to change in your business’ distribution system. Hearing your goals will allow them to come up with an action plan that will increase efficiency and save costs in the long-run. Smart system options will likely include a mix of AI and basic automation.

Every business’ wants and needs differ. In addition to determining your ideas for the future, the evaluator will also look at the systems you currently have in place. This will help them during the transition process so that they can migrate all data and processes smoothly into the new system.

The final step is training your employees. They need to be briefed on the new features of the system so that they can put them to the best use. When it’s all said and done, your business will be faster and more efficient than ever.

3 Blogging Tips That You Need to Always Follow

  • June 21, 2017
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Whenever you’re looking to start a blog and to make it flourish, you have to look into quite a few tips which you have to consistently follow. Only when you’re able to look into these tips, you would be able to make your blog flourish.

We would today share with you some of the tips which you need to consistently follow.

  1. Regular posting:

When you’re looking at Submitcore Blogging tips, the 1st thing which you have to always follow is regular blog posting. Only when you opt for the regular blog posting, you would be able to attract an audience. If the blog posting which you are opting for is not regular and not at a proper frequency, your audience would not know when they can expect a new post from you. Due to this very reason, you have to always ensure that you are making a proper schedule.

This would ensure that the audience who is interested in your content would directly know when the next blog post would be published. This would, in turn, help you in attracting a large amount of audience. Once you’re attracting the audience,it becomes easier for you to start the interaction with your visitors. After starting interaction with the visitors it becomes easy to grow your blog even further.

  1. Posting according to the relevancy:

Instead of posting anything, you have to always be relevant whenever you’re posting. When you’re relevantly posting, it becomes automatically much easier for you to attract the visitors and the visitors would also only go to your page when you’re posting relevant content. Also make sure you type fast and correctly, alternatively try learning some typing lessons for more details.

That is why posting relevant content is a necessity for your blog. Only when you’re able to keep the content completely relevant, it becomes much easier for you to take your blog to the next level. Also, if the content is relevant, you would get more and more social shares. This brings us to our third point.

  1. Make your blog easily shareable:

Whenever people are liking content,they would be trying to share your content. If you’re not able to provide them with accurate options for sharing your content, you would not be able to get a large number of social shares. Instead of making this mistake, you have to always ensure that you have to put social sharing buttons on your blog.

Once you’re able to put the social sharing buttons on your blog, you would be able to encourage them to share. Moreover, they would remember to share your blog. This would, in turn, help you in getting more shares, in addition.Hence, it would gain more traction in front of your target audience. That is why you have to always look into the number of social shares which you would be able to get consistently.

So, if you’re looking at guest blogging tips, it is important to look into these few points and thereafter you would be able to opt for the blogging tips which you want.

Advice on Developing a New Mobile Application has been in touch with a group of app developers based in Copenhagen, they’ve shared some of their insights to help guide fledgling developers or startups on their journey towards a successful app.

Nodes has developed apps for prominent clients such as Samsung, Adidas, LEGO, Unilever and BMW, as well as startups and smaller businesses, so they’ve experienced most of the common issues one can run into when publishing an app in the App Store. We think any first time app developer would benefit from having a quick read through of the following points, and Nodes themselves make sure to have all these issues checked ourselves before submitting any app on behalf of their clients.

From Daniel Baek, Co-founder of Nodes, a mobile app agency located in Denmark and the United Kingdom.

  • Consider the monetization model from the very start, so that the development process will not have to change drastically while the project is underway.
  • Aim for an early MVP (Minimum Viable Product) from the get go, and use that to iterate further development and upgrades, compared to building the ideal dream app and wait to launch it until you feel it is 100% ready.
  • Ensure that the steering group is given a mandate to make decisions and won’t be slowed down by too many internal stakeholders and departments.
  • It’s important that people working sedentary jobs get up and move about.

From Casper Rasmussen, Partner at Nodes

  • In most cases hybrid app development frameworks aren’t the right way to go (we use it for some projects) as the cost of creating an just as exciting user experience will require as much time in the end as taking the native route from the start.
  • Use open-source applications and packages for all standard tasks and processes.
  • Use paid services for more complex part of the projects (payment, push etc) as opposed to developing them as part of the projects yourself
  • Stick to standard UI elements, and use themes to develop brand identity.
  • Always keep in mind Apple and Android Guide Lines before starting a project to ensure a low rejection possibility

Submitting an app to Google Play or Apple’s App Store

Since it can take anywhere from a few days to a few months to have a new app reviewed and approved in both Google’s Play Store, and Apple’s App Store, it is important to make sure all things are set-up correctly in the first attempt, since it can cost any startup or company valuable time if the app happens to get rejected the first time.

  • Lacking app meta-data This is a simple fix, but surprisingly, one of the most common issues we’ve seen with regards to app store rejections. The meta-data should always be double checked for containing correct information and no broken links, since the moderators in the App Store are particularly keen on having correct meta-data.
  • Lacking privacy policy For legal reasons, the App Store moderators are intent on all apps having proper privacy policies in place, this is an often ignored item for many app developers and clients, thinking that their app doesn’t need this. However, Apple takes this item very seriously, and even a few minor spelling errors in the privacy policy can result in rejections.
  • Don’t ask for specific personal information that is not needed Many times, we’ve seen our customers wanting to collect a wide array of user data for their analysis and marketing purposes, but if the app is not using these data for anything particular, odds are your app will be rejected due to collecting information not related to core functionality of the app.

There are other important issues, but we estimate that more than 80% of the apps we’ve dealt with that’s been rejected has been to one of these three.

Here’s some more things to check before publishing an app.

  1. Missing demo accounts
  2. Major bugs in the app
  3. The Concept or Functionality of the app is against Apple guidelines
  4. The app configuration (.plist) file not specifying correct background functionality
  5. Make sure your video preview sticks to functionality only
  6. Dummy data still in the app
  7. Moderating user-generated content

If you’ve still got time and energy for reading more about app development tips and tricks, perhaps you’ll enjoy this article about the latest mobile app trends for 2016. Otherwise, feel free to leave your comment, both positive and negative, we strive to provide useful content that our readers and users can benefit from!

AllFrameworks Beta Open

  • September 13, 2016
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Welcome to – we are pleased to see you here!

We provide a 100% free searchable database of all types of frameworks, from mobile application development, to embedded software programming, find your next framework by filtering for license, language, activity and much more!