Framework 7

  • September 11, 2016

Framework7 is a free, open sourced mobile HTML framework used to develop mobile or web apps with an iOS and Android native look and feel. It allows the user the opportunity and freedom to design to their imagination and with it being focused only on iOS and Google Material design, ensures the best experience alongside simplicity. 

A simple HTML layout and attached framework’s CSS and JS files are needed to start. It doesn’t force you to write custom tags that will be converted to something else and it doesn’t force you to write and describe all your content in JavaScript.

It gives you an easy way to realize the features from the necessary UI elements visualization to complicated animation and touch interactions that the iOS platform is known for. It was designed according to the official Google Material Design specifications that allows pixel perfect features from visual design and colour to effects and interactions. This allows apps to look and feel as if they were made and created with native Material.

It features ready to use UI elements and widgets and JavaScript is not needed for most widgets to have them perform at optimum performance. Everything is simple and easy to customize with all styles being divided by parts into smaller .less files.

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