Intel XDK

  • September 11, 2016

Intel XDK is a free modern development system which developers utilize to create, analyze, design and organize hybrid and html5 apps within a variety form factor systems and app stores.

The system supports Mac, windows and Linux and it includes a sign up option where you need to sign up to enjoy all features of the software. It allows users to easily create and develop projects online.


Main Features Of Intel XDK 

1. It has app preview features

2. Has a debugging, editing and emulating devices

3. Works best on Linux, windows and Apple OS

4. It doesn’t require downloading and installation


Intel XDK Integrated Tools 

1. Includes a remote debugging option for Apache installed devices

2. Apache Ripple which includes device debugger and emulator

3. Has Apache Cordova


Intel XDK Integrated Web Technologies

1. Intel XDK runs properly on Linux, Windows and Os

2. It doesn’t depend on java or browsers

3. Supports JavaScript, HTML and JavaScript



It is now easier than before to build hybrid applications as Intel XDK has made this possible. You don’t need to be an expert for you to easily and efficiently create your own mobile application. Consider using this software today and improve your experience in your next app creation project.

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