• September 11, 2016

Mobile Application¬†Development “Framework”¬†developed by Adobe Systems. This software is one of the excellent options to develop mobile applications! These days most other frameworks use some or most of PhoneGab’s features, components and the framework has become one of the top development tools out there.

What are the Programming Skills & Knowledge required to work on PhoneGap?
* The developer who intends to work on PhoneGap does not require having any expertise of mobile programming language!
* Easy web-development languages like CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and JScript (Java Script)!

What are the Operating System (OS) compatible platforms to produce apps with PhoneGap?
* All the established OS platforms are covered by PhoneGap – Android, Windows Mobile OS, BlackBerry, iOS etc.

What are the advantages of PhoneGap?
* All those programmers, who are interested in making their website available on app, may be online or offline can absolutely take the advantage of PhoneGap!
* This framework helps the developers to develop their own unique apps by using normal API’S (Application Programming Interface) especially for most of the Mobile OS!
* PhoneGap is available free (and is open-source)
* Once the app is developed in PhoneGap – it has very high device portability!
* Not only PhoneGap permits its developers to upload all the data statistics on their website but also transforms it to different types of App files!

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