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Xamarin is a model for use in developing a cross-mobile application platform. The Xamarin framework offers a single language C# and a runtime that makes it applicable to the Windows, Android and iOS mobile operating systems.

Why Utilize Xamarin?
• Xamarin renders an extended collection of class libraries
• Xamarin minimizes the cost and time involved in developing mobile apps.
• Xamarin offers a cross-platform support for the three mobile operating systems (Windows, iOS, and Android)
• Xamarin ensures few runtime errors and enhances quality of applications.
How Xamarin Works

Xamarin offers versatility to code core logic using the C# language and versatility to design numerous user interfaces.
• On iOS systems, the C# initial code is put together by Xamarin.iOS.
• On Android systems, C# is executed in the intermediate language.
• On Windows systems, the C# language is carried out by the inbuilt runtime. The C# language does not depend on the Xamarin tools.

Setting Up Xamarin
• Download Xamarin Installer
• Run the installer
• Configure
• Activate Xamarin

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