• September 11, 2016

Mobile Application Development “Framework” developed by Adobe Systems. This software is one of the excellent options to develop mobile applications! These days most other frameworks use some or most of PhoneGab’s features, components and the framework has become one of the top development tools out there.

What are the Programming Skills & Knowledge required to work on PhoneGap?
* The developer who intends to work on PhoneGap does not require having any expertise of mobile programming language!
* Easy web-development languages like CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and JScript (Java Script)!

What are the Operating System (OS) compatible platforms to produce apps with PhoneGap?
* All the established OS platforms are covered by PhoneGap – Android, Windows Mobile OS, BlackBerry, iOS etc.

What are the advantages of PhoneGap?
* All those programmers, who are interested in making their website available on app, may be online or offline can absolutely take the advantage of PhoneGap!
* This framework helps the developers to develop their own unique apps by using normal API’S (Application Programming Interface) especially for most of the Mobile OS!
* PhoneGap is available free (and is open-source)
* Once the app is developed in PhoneGap – it has very high device portability!
* Not only PhoneGap permits its developers to upload all the data statistics on their website but also transforms it to different types of App files!


  • September 11, 2016

Titanium is an extensible and open environment that is used for creating cross platform mobile applications. This includes iOS, Windows, Android and Blackberry. The framework allows you to develop applications in the most flexible way owing to its rapid prototyping. Because of this feature, about 10% of smartphones worldwide run titanium-built applications.

The framework uses Java Script, Python, CSS and HTML for creating the applications. It also uses the standard user interface components such as tables, navigation bars, buttons and dialog boxes. Moreover, it uses standard device functions such as the accelorometer file systems and maps. Titanium allows you to store the data locally and supports the asynchronous module definition and the common Java Script.

Although the titanium framework is very efficient and gives very fast results, it has a few disadvantages. Its access is usually restricted for some components of the mobile operating system. The framework also offers rather limited access to some device resources such as the camera. Therefore, performance may be affected if a developer decides to use many graphics.

Kendo UI

  • September 11, 2016

Kendo UI is one of the mobile app development frameworks that delivers efficiently everything needed to generate a modern web application within a short period.

It easily leverages and combines more than seventy UI components to build a responsive and beautiful app while reducing development time by up to fifty percent.

Kendo UI builds beautiful themes that make an app pop automatically without writing any CSS. This type of UI is suitable to develop web applications that deliver customized experience that fits the users’ screen size on a tablet, phone and desktop.

Kendo UI is easy to learn app development framework because it operates on a common JavaScript language. Kendo UI framework integrates seamlessly with 2.0 Alpha and Angular JS 1.x which enables web developers builds apps in the Angular manner. This flexibility offers a provision for form validation, routing, declarative data binding and several other functionalities. Besides, Kendo UI possesses advanced exporting capabilities that enable easy exportation for documents such as PNG, PDF, and Excel.

Intel XDK

  • September 11, 2016

Intel XDK is a free modern development system which developers utilize to create, analyze, design and organize hybrid and html5 apps within a variety form factor systems and app stores.

The system supports Mac, windows and Linux and it includes a sign up option where you need to sign up to enjoy all features of the software. It allows users to easily create and develop projects online.


Main Features Of Intel XDK 

1. It has app preview features

2. Has a debugging, editing and emulating devices

3. Works best on Linux, windows and Apple OS

4. It doesn’t require downloading and installation


Intel XDK Integrated Tools 

1. Includes a remote debugging option for Apache installed devices

2. Apache Ripple which includes device debugger and emulator

3. Has Apache Cordova


Intel XDK Integrated Web Technologies

1. Intel XDK runs properly on Linux, Windows and Os

2. It doesn’t depend on java or browsers

3. Supports JavaScript, HTML and JavaScript



It is now easier than before to build hybrid applications as Intel XDK has made this possible. You don’t need to be an expert for you to easily and efficiently create your own mobile application. Consider using this software today and improve your experience in your next app creation project.

Onsen UI

  • September 11, 2016

Onsen UI is acustom-elements based HTML5 framework designed to deliver remarkable user experience for hybrid apps. It is built around the Topcoat, AngularJS, and HammerJS. Latest changes make it possible to work with jQuery.

Onsen UI helps developing web and hybrid apps for both iOS and Android using Javascript. While coming up with hybrid apps, you can use Onsen UI in conjunction with Monaca IDE and PhoneGap command line/Cordova. This framework is fully documented thus easy to use.

Onsen UI main features include

  • Open and Free Source. Its design offers quality user experience and user interface for the hybrid and mobile apps.
  • Framework agnostic. This feature means that Onsen UI is fit for use with any other front-end framework.
  • Built-in Theme Roller. Users can make their templates.
  • Multi-screen Support.
  • Font Awesome support.

Onsen UI framework is the perfect solution for developing various apps such as hybrid apps because it is easy to use and has excellent results. Also, it never locks you due to its fully open source. It offers the option of deploying your applications (apps) to the server to utilize as a tool for building a high-performance website.

Since it is based on Topcoat framework, it provides a native-like appearance and looks. On the other hand, its sturdy architecture structure for mobile apps offers powerful features. In case you are disappointed with lacking of native-like performance, then you should go for Onsen UI.