• September 11, 2016

Cordova is an open source mobile app development framework that enables users to utilize the standard web inventions and technology. These technologies include the HTML5, JavaScript as well as CSS3 for cross-platform making.

Apps normally executed within wrappers that are aimed to each platform. They also rely on API bindings to get access to the device’s functionalities such as network status, data as well as sensors.

Cordova can be used by a web developer who wishes to deploy a web application that is set for distribution in different app stores. Also, Cordova apache can be used by those web developers who wishes to extend and app transversely on more than one platforms; the developer does not need to re-implement the app with each platforms tools or language.

The Cordova architecture consists of WebView, WebApp as well as Plugins. Cordova offers two ways in which you can make a mobile app. One is the Cross Platform Workflow (CLI); this path is used in case you want your app to run in as many OS as possible. The second one is the Platform Centered Workflow that focuses on building an application in use on a single platform.

Cordova is installed basically on the above two main paths. It is recommended that when starting out, you should use the cross-platform workflow to create apps.