React Native

  • September 11, 2016

React Native, an exciting framework under the generation of React which uses the Javascript library for building users interfaces through mobile platforms. It creates writing apps for specific operating systems and also helps in sharing the written codes between the platforms of iOS and Android.

COMPONENTS OF REACT NATIVE: React native uses JSX: Javascript and XML-esque markup. And also React native renders the APIs in both iOS and Android platforms through mobile UI components.

MERITS: React native is a completely mobile friendly app (both iOS and Android). It helps you make apps faster with minimal compiling time. React native is native of intelligent debugging and reporting errors.

It is user friendly, time efficient and energy saver. It helps in huge sharing of knowledge, codes and resources. React Native also reuses the codes on different platforms.

DEMERITS: React Native is still under development and improvement and not completely matured. Miserable debugging during the layer of intersection of the platforms.

USES: Used in Facebook, Instagram and in many more..