Role of mobile apps in converting education to Edutech

Technology has been influencing all sectors today. Mobile devices, particularly, have formed an integral part of our lives. This has also led to affect education more and more. Smartphones and mobile apps have together revolutionised the world and are comprehensively trying to change and alter the conventional education system into a newer version – Edutech!

Though technology, especially mobile apps and smartphones were not built to cater to the needs of the education sector, the results which the integration has brought for the world to witnessed is unmatched!

Classrooms are now adapting gadgets and mobile apps to stimulate faster learning!

Vocabulary, physics, chemistry, literature, everything today is packed in one device. The incredible world of mobile apps has managed to draw the interests of the modern students by facilitating learning in a revolutionised way! Various mobile apps today are engaging students through games, quizes, video content, and much more to gather their interests towards learning. This means revolutionised education is no longer a dream! The power is literally in your hands now!

Approximately 80% students use mobile and other technological devices to study, along with the conventional modes of studying. Of which, majority found that this form of studying, has helped them in improving their skills and their results. The students also claim that because of technology, they feel excited and better prepared for the classes they are supposed to take. This has also led to them managing their time better!

But how did this come about?

Millions of apps today, on both the major platforms – Apple’s app store and Google play store are built to cater to the needs of the modern education sector, or as we call it – Edutech. Students can choose them and change the way they learnt before.

Part of the reason why such a game changer came into being was that students today are usually hyperactive. They want everything and they want it quick! A teacher simply fails to impress a modern student. No lectures, no books and no educators are able to do the same. The impact that they brought almost a decade back seems to have faded away. Hence, the infusion of mobile apps into the educational sector.

Edutech apps however, are developed in a true sense to not just feed to a modern student their lessons, but also create new pathways for them to step on. These mobile apps offer them content which engages them and prepares them for the real world!

The multimodal approach of the edutech mobile apps offer students different means to not just understand the principles easily, but they help them reach their desired results in a fast paced manner. They receive a lesson in their conventional classrooms, they follow the instruction in the mobile apps and their books, practice their lesson and the homework and get immediate feedback for all kinds of queries, right from the comforts of their home. This quickness, especially when it comes to finding solutions to their problems, tends to make them rely on mobile apps more and more.

Another feature which these Edutech mobile apps are popular for is the ability to plan assignments and projects from the comfort of your home. These projects and assignments can be supervised by the teachers on the platform, through real time communication. The power of learning is enhanced this way, no matter what an individual student’s style of studying and preferences are.

Interactive and spontaneous generation!

Edutech Mobile Apps have augmented the mental capacities of a modern student. They have managed to efficiently expose these students to face the world in its entirety, along with all the challenges. The generation has become more and more interactive and spontaneous because of the same. These applications not only guide them, but help them develop analytical skills to enhance communication, critical thinking, decision making and problem solving techniques, and their productivity. This has produced a certain excitement towards learning, along with developing confidence and pride in their skills and capacities. The high quality means of education has surely helped students optimise their time and their skills to create a harmonious world of creativity and skills.

Edutech has something in store for the educators too!

No matter how efficient or great a teacher is, managing 20-30 students every single day is a hefty task. They might lose their focus at any time during a lecture if the pressure is surmounting. It can be a difficult task to ensure each and every student in every lecture/session is engaged and is grasping the concepts and the lessons. This way, there might not be just a loss of efficiency, but could also lead to chaos in the long run.

This is where edutech mobile apps help teachers. Through these mobile apps, students can raise queries outside the classroom as well, which means the teacher can respond efficiently, as compared to a pressurised classroom environment.

Another benefit the teachers get is that they can plan their schedules a day ahead, and enhance their teaching skills by revising their material. They might also be prompted to discuss extra pointers which were not discussed earlier. This helps in the development of a great curriculum, it will also benefit the students. Moreover, teachers can now connect better with students through instant messaging and emails, making the student-teacher relationship better!

Parents benefit too!

Through various mobile apps catering to the needs of the education sectors, parents seem to rejoice too! Edutech has surely brought in changes in the way parents dealt with regular school and college issues, making them happy of course!

They are not only getting real-time updates on their child’s attendance and performance, but also can get to know about their upcoming assignments, projects and tests along with their due dates. Most apps also support interaction between teachers and parents in a free and secure manner. This interaction is no longer limited to the monthly or quarterly PTAs.

Parents can also access the fee structures and keep a record of the same on their devices. This has led to a better management of resources and has saved time.

Edutech apps have contributed to the modern learning process and are helping reshape the education sector further. Most educational institutions today are preferring Edutech Mobile apps to enhance productivity and many mobile app development companies are working on it, but some are yet to tap on the opportunities! It is not only going to open new avenues for the students, but will increase their interests in studies and skill development.

Author Bio: James Grills is a technical writer with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of mobile application development and IoT technology. He is a marketing advisor – currently associated with Cumulations Technologies a mobile app development company in India.


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