jQuery Mobile

  • September 11, 2016

This is a jQuery based mobile framework is the best touch-friendly framework that suits for Smartphones and tablets. It aids to maximize the traffic for multiple devices. It enhances the page loads, and it increases the websites traffic.

It is an excellent framework that will aid in developing web based mobile application. The framework is widely accepted by majority of the app developers. jQuery mobile supports HTLM5 standards to build the application that executes on all platforms.

jQuery Mobile Features:

  • jQuery mobile user interface feel like classic UI.
  • It supports Ajax manipulation and Ajax utilities.
  • It allows you to use existing HTML code by simply tweaking it and it does not need any JavaScript code to create mobile application.

If your need is to develop a market-friendly app in a short period, then jQuery Mobile is the best choice. It has some eye-catching features, and it is simple to use. Based on your needs and requirements choose the framework.

Kendo UI

  • September 11, 2016

Kendo UI is one of the mobile app development frameworks that delivers efficiently everything needed to generate a modern web application within a short period.

It easily leverages and combines more than seventy UI components to build a responsive and beautiful app while reducing development time by up to fifty percent.

Kendo UI builds beautiful themes that make an app pop automatically without writing any CSS. This type of UI is suitable to develop web applications that deliver customized experience that fits the users’ screen size on a tablet, phone and desktop.

Kendo UI is easy to learn app development framework because it operates on a common JavaScript language. Kendo UI framework integrates seamlessly with 2.0 Alpha and Angular JS 1.x which enables web developers builds apps in the Angular manner. This flexibility offers a provision for form validation, routing, declarative data binding and several other functionalities. Besides, Kendo UI possesses advanced exporting capabilities that enable easy exportation for documents such as PNG, PDF, and Excel.


  • September 11, 2016

Cordova is an open source mobile app development framework that enables users to utilize the standard web inventions and technology. These technologies include the HTML5, JavaScript as well as CSS3 for cross-platform making.

Apps normally executed within wrappers that are aimed to each platform. They also rely on API bindings to get access to the device’s functionalities such as network status, data as well as sensors.

Cordova can be used by a web developer who wishes to deploy a web application that is set for distribution in different app stores. Also, Cordova apache can be used by those web developers who wishes to extend and app transversely on more than one platforms; the developer does not need to re-implement the app with each platforms tools or language.

The Cordova architecture consists of WebView, WebApp as well as Plugins. Cordova offers two ways in which you can make a mobile app. One is the Cross Platform Workflow (CLI); this path is used in case you want your app to run in as many OS as possible. The second one is the Platform Centered Workflow that focuses on building an application in use on a single platform.

Cordova is installed basically on the above two main paths. It is recommended that when starting out, you should use the cross-platform workflow to create apps.


  • September 3, 2016

One of the factors to consider in mobile app frameworks is speed. The ionic framework is built and designed to perform greatly on the modern mobile phone devices since it has a high speed that most mobile users seek.

It is tailor made with web best application practices for instance it has an efficient DOM rendering; it is fairly easy to use. The ionic offers a library mobile with the following merits: works with predefined components, it also offers optimized HTML, gestures and tools.

It further offers a command- line interface that offers features like live reload, emulators, hardware accelerated transitions, and touch optimized gestures. Ionic has a unique style that is ready made mobile components, typography, and gorgeous yet extensive base themes that adapts to each platform.

The Ionic framework is based on Angular java script MVVM (model view viewmodel).The ionic combines perfectly with Angular java script giving a perfect match of a brand for mobile phones.


  • September 3, 2016

This is a modular web framework that works on the OS X, Ubuntu and iOS. It can also be defined as an open source that accepts the pull requests. This modular web framework is written in pure swift.

It is meant for offering request routing by the use of pattern matching. This is through the complete swift type safety for the request parameters and details.

Vapor can be used to come up with a full web service with a complete website or the JSON responses. This requires either the template views or the pure HTML views that are rendering the use of stencil or the Mustache.

Vapor also comprises tools for the aid of custom cookies. Besides this, there is an additional clever validation feature in the framework. These are mainly meant to validate any kind of data that features into your application.

The other similar tools to vapor include the Runstatus, Hund and SwiftyBeaver among others.